About This Site and Me...

About This Site and Me...

I'm not that interesting - we'll start with that statement and work forward. I'm really not, honest. If you don't have a passing interest in railroads, railfanning, model railroading, railroad photography, etc., I'll probably bore you out of your mind. I hate writing about myself, which should be clearly evident by the fact that the average update time of my personal site is around three years. Since my life's changed quite a bit lately, I thought perhaps it was time to update my website a bit to reflect that. Past sites have focused around me the person - not this time. Trust me - I'm not that interesting. This time I'm going to focus this site on housing a pile of information I have to offer the rest of the Net on my three favorite topics - electronics and programming, railroads and railroad photography, and just general ranting about whatever's annoying me today. Okay, so the first two are useful, the third is just my way of blowing off steam. It's going to take me some time to actually fill in the website with useful data, so please be patient.

For those of you who must know, I'm 35 and an electrical engineer who works at FedEx Corporate Services here in Colorado Springs as an analyst, software engineer, general purpose minion of routing, etc. For those of you familiar with the company, I'm part of the group responsible for the handheld courier device (officially known as the Enhanced SuperTracker). Between Mark Finn and myself, we also maintain the software that calculates routing and commitment in a great many company and customer systems. Why that and not hardware? The pay is better, I have friends there as co-workers, and I like the job better. I'm afraid that if I worked with hardware all day, I'd have little desire to do so when I came home at night, and that would just be a shame - especially because then the electronics page would never get populated with fun stuff.

Outside of work, I'm involuntarily single. Fortunately, I still have my two cats, my cars, and my somewhat consuming and bordering-on-unhealthy fascination with the Denver & Rio Grande Western. You'll find me out on the road, exploring what's over the next hill and chasing down just about anything running on rails. Other than that, I spend a good deal of my life working on DRGW.Net, or whatever else happens to be the project of the week.

Things you'll find here include various bits of electronics I've designed (everything from finished projects to unfinished conceptualizations), software written for this website and other related (and unrelated) projects.

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