Nathan's 2008 Calendar

Nathan's 2008 Calendar
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Front Cover
Rails Through the Rockies 2008
The Photography of Nathan D. Holmes

Somewhat on a whim, I decided to put some of my photography into a 2008 calendar for some of my rail enthusiast family and friends. Due to the way volume pricing works, it's cheaper to actually order more than I need, so I thought maybe I'd try to sell a few.

The calendar measures 13"x19", and is professionally printed on heavy (100 lb.) gloss stock and spiral bound along the top edge. It's done in a full bleed process, so the beautifully sharp and colorful images run right to the edge of the paper. As you'd expect, there's a small hole located at the top for easy hanging on a hook or nail.

If you're interested, the price will be $20/each, plus $3 for shipping/handling. I'm not exactly making a killing (production cost is $17/each in such small quantities), but it'll buy a few more timetables or negatives for

Based on much greater than expected interest, the project is going forward. Those of you who have already emailed me, your calendars will be available for sure. It's not too late, though - I ordered a few extras, and for those still interested, please email me to set one aside for you.
What It Looks Like

Full Sample Page Layout (13"x19", top spiral bound)

My preproduction sample, with a CD held
up against it to help gauge size.
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